iBasso IT00 單動圈耳機



【外國回流 ~ iBasso IT00】 iBasso IT00 去完外國浸完咸水終於來到香港 外國好評推介的iBasso IT00單動圈耳機 iBasso IT00 -- HK$698 iBasso IT00 Graphene Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Audiophile In-Ear Earphone 外國評測: https://audio123reviews.com/2020/06/04/ibasso-it00/ 1. 5μm Multi Layered Graphene Diaphragm Graphene is a form of carbon consisting of planar sheets with the atoms arranged in a honeycomb-shaped lattice. Graphene has a breaking strength 100 times greater than steel. And as an earphone diaphragm, Instead of being artificially damped as other material diaphragm often are, the Graphene diaphragm can be damped by air itself. Of the many benefits from Graphene’s ultra thinness, extreme speed and low distortion of sound waves works extremely well for audio. 2. Dual Helmholtz Resonators A Dual Helmholtz resonator driver provides deep and powerful bass that prohibits standing waves and ensures full natural sound. Picture5: 5μm Multi Layered Graphene Diaphragm 3. High Magnetic Flux With a customized magnet, that efficiently drives the 5μm diaphragm, there is an improvement in resolution, bass, dynamics and speed. 4. Small, Light and With a Great Concha Fit Our ergonomically designed shell adds to long term comfort. 5. MMCX Detachable High Purity OFC Cable Terminated with a 3.5mm TRS plug and formed to lay naturally over the ear. Specification: • Model No.: IT00 • Type: Dynamic (10mm)*1 • F.Response:10Hz-35kHz • Sensitivity: 106+/-2dB • Impedance: 16 ohm • Noise Attenuation : -26dB • Rated Power : 10mW • T.H.D: <1% (at 1kHz /1mW) • Plug Size: 3.5mm TRS gold-plated • Cord Length : 1.2m • Weight: 8g without cable Package • IT00 IEM • 9 pairs of silicone eartips(S/M/L) • carry case • User guide • Warranty card