DD hifi DJ30A 轉接頭



【小配件、大改變】 DD hifi DJ30A轉接頭 *****用於一些具備4.4介面卻沒有3.5介面的產品轉接。 設計特殊性在於地線的連接方式,並非將左右聲道的負極短路。 DJ30A: 3.5mm身歷聲母 轉4.4mm平衡公插頭 -- HK$328 1. 不銹鋼外殼 2. 全CNC一體成型,打造完整性主體 3. 6N OCC內部連接線 4. 每個聲道通過12根獨立絕緣的單晶銅線連接 DJ30A 並不是平衡轉單端,這就是單端 僅適用於4.4插座已經接地的輸出設備 4.4介面為平衡輸出,轉接成3.5單端輸出的時候, 就要使用到4.4插座的第五節線, 而一些播放機產品的地線沒有連接的就不適合使用, 比如索尼等播放機*。 *推薦使用品牌型號: iFi: Zen DAC, Zen CAN, hip-dac Cayin: N6Ⅱ module E02 規格說明 材質:鋁合金噴砂陽極 顏色:灰色 尺寸:寬16.5*高10*長18 mm(不含插頭) 重量:6克 *****相容性說明: DJ30A轉接頭,用於一些具備4.4介面卻沒有3.5介面的產品轉接。 設計特殊性在於模擬3.5mm單端*的連接方式,並非將左右聲道的負極短路。 我們在測試期間發現DJ30A的設計與索尼的各款播放機不相容, 在此提醒用戶,DJ30A不支援索尼的播放機。 *****注意: 不推薦用於一些已經具備3.5介面的產品,比如FiiO播放機和解碼器。 如果一定要使用,將有可能帶來音質的改變,比如像M15的4.4介面轉接後 的聲音和原來3.5對比就有明顯的高頻差異。 When we first revealed the info of DJ30A to the public, many friends came to us and ask- How is it possible? Yes, the answer is a definite yes, but please note that it won’t make your 3.5mm single-ended earphone cable into a balanced cable, it’s still single-ended output. So why do we need this adapter? The DJ30A 3.5mm Female to 4.4mm Male Adapter is designed for products with a 4.4mm balanced jack but lacks a 3.5mm single-ended jack, such as the iFi Zen DAC and Cayin E02 Audio Motherboard for N6ii. The uniqueness of the design is to simulate the 3.5mm single-ended connection, rather than short-circuiting the negative poles of the left and right channels. But please kind note the following: 1. During our testing, the design of DJ30A is found to be incompatible with all models of Sony Digital Music Players / Walkman®. 2. DJ30A is not recommended for use with devices which has a built-in 3.5mm jack, such as FiiO’s range of Digital Audio Player and DAC / Amplifier. If you still want to give it a try, please note that you may get unexpected tonal change. For example, on the FiiO M15, we have observed noticeable differences at the high-end frequencies when using the DJ30A via 4.4mm port as compared to the original 3.5mm port.