FiiO CL06 -- Type C轉Micro USB解碼資料線



FiiO Type C轉Micro USB解碼資料線,CL06正式上市 -- HK$168 FiiO Releases the Type C to Micro USB Data Cable CL06 還在為Type C轉Micro USB的複雜操作而煩惱?飛傲解碼資料線CL06就來解決你的苦惱啦! CL06適用於連接TypeC介面的高清播放機或者安卓手機連接飛傲解碼器耳放Q1 Mark II/Q5時使用。線材採用了標準的遮罩銅線,線身僅長6cm,純銅線芯外加遮罩層包裹,避免了傳輸時的干擾,確保高效傳輸。另外,為了提升插頭拔插的耐用度,Type C與Micro插頭均為複合鋁合金遮罩外殼的90度彎頭設計,不但解決了設備使用中遇到的連接問題,還方便了大家的捆綁使用。 The CL06 is specially designed for USB OTG usage by connecting your audio sources with Type C connectors such as Android phones or lossless music players (M7 for instance) with external audio decoders such as the FiiO Q1 Mark II or Q5. Despite the CL06 only being a small 6cm, it is made of premium shielded copper wire core wrapped in a fireproof sheath so as to avoid external interference and ensure your music gets sent where it needs to go. Both the Type C and micro USB connectors are of the elbow plug (90 degree) style, which ensures the connectors will last much longer than those of the typical straight kind. The connectors themselves are made of aluminum alloy for quick heat dissipation and overall greater reliability.